Summer on my mind

hudba Karel Zich – text Miloš Skalka


You have been the only one
that I vote for
With you by my side I couldnīt follow
You have cheered my mind up,honey
the day you have entered my home
but we just cannot share the feeling anymore.

One day you had left me
with no reason
and you gave me freedom
sayinī: good-bye.

You have been my love for season
Iīve broken heart and I could cry
so on and on Iīm dreaming
in the night.

Summer on my mind
with you all around me
summer on my mind
your sweet: "donīt care".

I could almost die
when I found that no more
weīve to share
and if you are not cruel and bagly
thatīs not fair.

Summmer on my mind
all sweet words you told me
Summer on my mind
with your smiling face.

Donīt understand why you left me
and why you make me taste
summer nights and days are over
like this place.